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Once dearly called Diamond of the Far-east with the luxury level overriding that of Hongkong or Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City is now the most populated city in Vietnam. Modern office skyscrapers, amidst Oriental style pagodas and food stalls along the street, create a dynamic urban area in very special sense.

Dining in Saigon is quite easy and it is not a place where you will easily go hungry, regardless of your budget. Some of Vietnamese restaurants which cater to the business community are quite Westernized. If you insist on a crisp, white table cloth, we don’t have it. But for those who want to enjoy real Vietnamese & Home made food and contemporary Saigon living, forget about all the tourist restaurants with their white linens and bloated prices, and instead dine where the Vietnamese do.

Surely, you’ll have a best experience once you try at Quán bụi.

Danh Tran

Danh Tran


Ultimate Dining Experience like no other.
Family gatherings have always been important in Vietnamese culture, even though nowadays many people can afford to eat good food in fine restaurants but they still have a subconscious desire to eat dishes which remind them of simple rural life and family warmth. We hope to share with all our patrons the flavors and warmth we enjoyed during these cherished times with our family and friends.


  • Very traditional Vietnamese food here, with fresh ingredients and authentic tastes. Rice noodles taste so delicious as well here in Vietnam, never have I had such tasty plain noodles! Also offers free wifi as well. Bring guests in order to sample a variety of dishes as there's so many to pick from and try! Or keep on coming back. Uber is available so you can visit on days it's too hot to walk.
    Omni Corder
  • Great rooftop dining area. Very delicious food based on authentic dishes. My Vietnamese wife loves this place.
    Daniel Best
  • Great food great location! Go to the top of the restaurant where there is a really nice rooftop. The tofu dish with passion fruit sauce was one of the best veg dishes I have tried! Wellness worth a visit!
    Pranav Kosuri


QUÁN BỤI – Original
19 Ngô Văn Năm, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1
HCMC. Vietnam

+84 2838 29 15 15
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QUÁN BỤI – Garden
55A – 55B Ngô Quang Huy, Phường Thảo Điền, Quận 2
HCMC, Vietnam

+84 2838 98 90 88
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QUÁN BỤI – Express
Tilia Residences, số 04 Đường D11
HCMC, Vietnam
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QUÁN BỤI – Kitchen
The Estella Place 88 Song Hanh, An Phu Ward, Quận 2
HCMC, Vietnam

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