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We are most proud of our long standing corporate relationships with organizations and company such as KPMG Co. Ltd. Our Buffet at your office services are tailor-made to suit your creative, organizational and budgetary requirements. Find out why the elite call on us to make their events as cutting-edge and creative as they are.

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We provide customized menus and attention to every detail. From small cocktail parties to large gala receptions, we bring your vision to life. We specialize in creating personalized, cutting-edge catering menus to suit your specific event perfectly.

Quán Bụi catering creates incomparable experiences through highly customized food, beverage and event services, using sustainable practices and a customer service driven team to exceed all expectations. It’s the magic of the memorable event.


Whether your event is held at one of our exclusive venues or you are working to find an event location, you can count on the same commitment to creating the perfect event. Whatever the occasion, our team of event designers and managers will work with you to guide you through every step of planning the event. Whether your event calls for a cocktail reception for 50, seated coursed dinner with wine pairing for 1000, or a corporate gala for 20,000, we are committed to build your unforgettable memory.

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Quán Bụi satisfies your food cravings with your favourite food delivered to you, wherever you are. Order on one of your prefered delivery app, Quán Bụi is available on BAEMIN and NOW.VN




What's Happening This August?



When traditional Vietnamese culture is told through the language of food and music, especially this August. There will be ethnic musical instruments performances every weekend at Quán Bụi Original and Quán Bụi Garden, under the harmony of four artists Đàn Tranh (16-chord zither), Đàn Bầu (monochord), Đàn Tứ (four zithers) and sáo tre (bamboo flute).

Not only wanting to serve the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine, but Quán Bụi also hopes that through these music nights, we will spread more traditional cultural values ​​to everyone. Welcome guests to enjoy!