QUÁN BỤI | The right ingredients

for the right food


Quán bụi – Authentic vietnamese cuisines

We ensure the freshest ingredients by selecting suppliers carefully (getting to the markets early every morning)

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Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Nowadays many people can afford to eat good food in fine restaurants but they still have a subconscious desire to eat dishes which remind them of simple rural life and family warmth. Quan Bui restaurant have gradually expanded the business, explored and developed the menu to offer traditional dishes in a home cooking style which fully captures the tastes of Vietnamese cuisine.

Quán bụi garden – Vietnamese home cooked

We use only natural ingredients for preparing the meals and never use artificial flavour enhancers (eg MSG). Delightful and fulfilling experiences for our customers are our paramount concerns.

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Guest Reviews

  •   I came in for lunch around 14:00 and it was pretty empty and did not have to wait for a table. The staff was very quick to take our orders and bring our food — I would say 10 minutes maximum was our wait time for food. We ordered the lotus salad and taro salad. The salad dressing was too sweet in my opinion and because of it, I could not finish my food. The prices are a bit higher but they have menus in English and also speak English. In general good food, but I saw a lot more tourists here than locals.

    thumb Marni Abigail
  •   Sneaky behavior.Went for lunch with a table of 3 and had a very nice tasty meal! I paid for said meal and noticed that a couple items were priced higher on the bill than the menu. Also, when given my change it was rounded up in favor of the restaurant. I let it go because I didn't want to put a negative end to a nice meal. To be honest I was feeling lazy and didn't want to argue about 2-3 usd. But I would like say it seems sneaky and to tell future patrons to check the bill closely

    thumb Mike Tremblay
  •   Delicious food. The garlic rice is fantastic, everyone loved it. I had the Tilapia fish fillets which were cooked perfectly. Again the chicken and prawn noodles were delicious. I had the carrot and ginger juice which was delicious. Service a little slow but otherwise good experience!

    thumb Anoushka Shah
  •   YES! Great place for experiencing dishes from all over Vietnam at reasonable prices, great service, and good value.We came here on our first night in HCMC, while starving, looking for something close to the hotel, and were not expecting as good an experience as we got. Their concept is wonderful - making a great Vietnamese experience that is accessible to the Vietnamese market. That means that average local person can splurge and experience something great, and foreigners will get a culturally and culinary accurate experience that's of great value.We ordered more than we needed, and ended up pigging out because it was so delicious. Make sure you order the deep and flavorful curries.Oh - the dessert that day was a frozen passionfruit custard served in-fruit. WOW.

    thumb Tomás Gutiérrez
  •   One of the best place in Hochiminh City for travelers to experience Vietnamese cuisine. Affordable price to westerners (although quite expensive for locals). Food is tasty & fresh. They also serve traditional music for dinner. This restaurant is not spacious but still well decorated. Very hard to find a place for car parking as it is located on the central district.

    thumb Huynh The Vu

Quán bụi – Vietnamese bistro

Dining in Saigon is quite easy and it is not a place where you will easily go hungry, regardless of your budget but surely, you’ll have a best experience once you try at Quan Bui Bistro.

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They talked about us

“Quan Bui is probably one of the most successful restaurant project in recent years. Started with a simple concept – bringing authentic Vietnamese food to Saigon, Quan Bui is popular amongst young and old. The menu offers a wide range of tastes from around Vietnam. Each of the 4 floors of the colonial architecture offers a different dining experience. The leafy green rooftop garden for a pre-dinner drink is a must!”