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Quán Bụi – Enriching Vietnamese Food Culture – A place to preserve the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine

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DS&TH – Among the culinary brands with traditional and rustic Vietnamese features, Quan Bui cannot be ignored. This is one of the restaurant chains with many branches spread throughout Saigon with distinct flavors of dishes. Let’s find out how Quan Bui has brought diners unique and unforgettable experiences right after this.

Quán Bụi – More than a decade of enriching Vietnamese cuisine

The brand was established in 2011, stemming from the desire to introduce delicious Vietnamese dishes to domestic and foreign diners. After more than 10 years of development, this restaurant chain has affirmed its position as one of the most favorite culinary destinations in Ho Chi Minh City.

Space of Quan Bui 222 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
Space of Quán Bụi 222 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

More than ten years ago, amid the rapid growth of fast food and the saturation of Western dishes, there were very few places serving traditional dishes to foreign guests or diners returning from far away. Mr. Danh – Founder of the brand shared: “Vietnamese dishes always hold a deep place in my heart. Each dish is the crystallization of creativity, meticulousness and contains unique cultural stories. However, the modern pace of life makes it difficult to prepare traditional meals, and fast food can hardly compare with Vietnamese meals in terms of nutritional value.”

Therefore, Quán Bụi was born with the mission of preserving and spreading the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine in the heart of bustling Saigon. This place brings diners traditional, cozy meals, prepared from the freshest ingredients, without using MSG and presented beautifully.

The difference that makes the reputation of traditional culinary brands

Amidst the high-rise buildings and bustling life of the splendid Saigon, Quán Bụi is like a peaceful oasis, captivating diners with its traditional Vietnamese dishes, delicately prepared in a space rich in cultural identity.

Interior space of Quan Bui Saigon Pearl (31-D5 Saigon Pearl Villas, 92 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh)
Interior space of Quán Bụi Saigon Pearl (31-D5 Saigon Pearl Villas, 92 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh)

Entering here, you feel like you are lost in the old memories, reminding you of the nostalgic memories of family meals, the rustic dishes of the homeland are awakened. Every decorative detail, from the curtains, the lanterns, to the rustic wooden tables and chairs or the monochrome square floor tiles all bear the mark of Vietnamese culture in the 90s of the last century.

The special thing about this brand is not only the taste of the food but also the delicate presentation and professional service. Quán Bụi pays great attention to customer feelings. Therefore, they always serve their customers wholeheartedly and thoughtfully.

Inspiration in every dish – Hometown flavor but extremely unique

The food served at Quán Bụi is not just a product for sale, but a gift from Vietnamese nature that the chef breathes life into each ingredient. “Although on the menu you will easily see some Signature dishes of Quán Bụi or Laang Saigon such as Mam Ga Tre with shredded rice, Goi pomelo with shrimp and meat, Ga chien cha ca trac lac… but the special thing is that each dish not only helps diners feel the delicious taste but also gives an insight into the local culinary culture, reflecting the soul and uniqueness of each different region” – Anh Danh expressed.

Delicious Vietnamese meals are only available at Quán Bụi

The important thing that makes this restaurant brand never out of fashion is the quality here. The ingredients are carefully selected, processed cleanly and uniquely. Each dish is beautifully presented like a work of art, arousing the appetite of diners. The restaurant’s staff is always friendly, attentive, ready to advise and support customers to have the best culinary experiences.

Brand orientation – The future of Vietnamese cuisine

Besides Quán Bụi, Mr. Danh Tran and his colleagues are focusing on developing and strengthening new brands such as Laang Saigon. Unlike Quan Bui, Laang Saigon has a modern feel with simple designs and pastel colors that bring a gentle, relaxing feeling. The culinary style here is also inspired by Asia but is uniquely created and presented more delicately and beautifully. In parallel with developing existing brands, the unit is also constantly evaluating and researching the market to be able to expand new brands or branches that are suitable and unique in the future.

Laang Saigon restaurant chain currently has 02 branches in District 1 and Thao Dien
Quán Bụi Branch 03 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, Thu Duc – Just started operating since May 2024

With a well-planned development strategy and a dedicated staff, Quán Bụi confidently affirms its position in the Vietnamese culinary market and looks forward to a promising future. With 08 Quán Bụi branches and 02 Laang Saigon branches and the slogan “Enriching Vietnamese Food Culture”, we are confident that this brand will increasingly contribute many unique dishes to enrich our country’s cuisine.

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